Dr. Peter J. Knaggs: Hobbies

Traditional Song
Much that I dislike classifying people, I am now going to classify my music collection... There are many I have left off, but I'm sure you get the picture.
Traditional Dance
I have been involved in Traditional Dance (ie, Morris and Rapper) and danced with Richmondshire Streethouse Morrismen.
Real Ale
Beer brewed in the traditional style by small brewers. I prefer to drink in a good pub (i.e., non open-plan, or plastic), with the beer at just under room temperature. My particular taste is for the Porter style of Ale, a dark, slightly sweetish but hoppy ale made with roasted barley, exemplified by Timothy Taylor's Porter. It is the predecessor of the Stout most people know (and some call Porter) today. In particular I enjoy a pint of Orkney's Dark Island to name just one.

It should be noted that Real Ale does includes largers that have been brewed in the traditional style, and Largered. Unfortunately there are no largers brewed in this style in the UK.

Yes I know this is a bit odd, but Forth is a lot more than a programming language, but more of a philosophy to programming. Thus, I find working with a Forth system both entertaining and rewarding.