Dr. Peter J. Knaggs: Qualifications

1994 Ph.D.

Thesis entitled "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Forth Software Development". The research was undertaken at the University of Teesside during 1988-1992, with the thesis being completed in 1994. Now available for download.

1988 PGD

Polytechnic Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies (Software Engineering), 1987 to 1988 at Teesside Polytechnic, passed with Distinction.

Personal Project 32 Bit Forth on OS-9/68000
Team Project Mouse/Menu extension to MS-DOS
Core Programming for Software Engineers
Essentials of Software Engineering Projects
Options Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design
Real Time systems

1987 HND

B/TEC Higher National Diploma in Computer Studies at Teesside Polytechnic from 1985 to 1987, passed with Credit.

Year I
Programming Methodology Credit
Programming Principles Credit
Principles of Computers Credit
Computer Applications Pass
Organisations and Information Systems Pass
Information Analysis Pass

Year II
Programming Project Credit
Industrial Software Implementation Credit
Real-Time Applications Credit
Real-Time Systems Design Credit
Computer System Architecture Credit
Computer Graphics Credit
Distributed Computer Systems Pass

The team based programming project in the second year was the development of a full multi-tasking windows environment written in FORTH on an early IBM PC clone.

1985 OND

B/TEC (Ordinary) National Diploma in Computer Studies at Chippenham Technical College from 1983 to 1985.

Year I
Information in Organisations Pass
Introduction to Computing 1 Pass
Introduction to Computing 2 Pass
People and Communications Pass
Quantitative Methods Pass
Introduction to Marketing Pass

Year II
Programming using COBOL Credit
Programming Project (COBOL) Credit
Programming Concepts Pass
Small Business Systems Concepts 1 Pass
Small Business Systems Concepts 2 Pass
Small Business Systems Practice Pass

1983 O-Levels

Taken at the Chippenham Technical College, between 1982 and 1983

English E
Mathematics C
Computer Studies B
Human Biology C
Geometrical DrawingD

1982 CSEs

Certificate of Secondary Education taken at Sheldon School (Chippenham) from 1977 to 1982

English 3
Mathematics 1
Technical Drawing 2
Woodwork 2
General Science 3 (Bar)
Typewriting 3

Note that the General Science topic was not a recognised CSE topic, thus the highest grade obtainable is 3, hence the "(Bar)".

In 1980 I was finally diagnosed as being dyslexic, too late to be of any real help, CSE topics had already been decided. The year also saw the introduction of computers and Computer Studies as a CSE topic to the school, again slightly too late. However, I had started programming farther's TRS-80 Model I two years earlier !


1977–1977 Monkton Park Junior (Chippenham, Wilts, England)
1975–1977 St. Peters Junior (Chippenham, Wilts, England)
1974–1975 Aleric Junior (Melsham, Wilts, England)
1973–1974 Berengaria Junior (Berengaria, Cyprus)
1973 Berengaria Infants (Berengaria, Cyprus)
1971–1973 Lyneham Infants (Lyneham, Wilts, England)