Package org.rigwit.forth.words

Forth Word Sets.

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Package org.rigwit.forth.words Description

Forth Word Sets.

A number of standard word sets are defined in the various classes. All of the the classes extend the WordSet class, which provides access to the Forth Virtual Machine via a vm field.

These files include: See The Word Set Abstract Class for further details.

The Current word sets/classes are:

All 182 of the 200x Core and Core Ext words have been implemented.
Just enough words from the 200x Double and Double Ext words to run the core test suite: 2VARIABLE and DU<.
The John Hays test harness. In addition to the test harness ({, -> and }) it also provides:
+echo ( -- )
Echo the input string to the output device as it is being parsed.
-echo ( -- )
Disable the input echo of input strings.
Words from the 200x Tools and Tools Ext word sets.
  • The words necessary to run the core test suite: [IF], [ELSE] and [THEN].
  • A few words to help in the development: BYE, .S, ? and DUMP.
  • The following non standard words have also been defined:
    /** ( -- )
    Read a multi-line comment terminated with the character sequence "*/".
    next-arg ( -- c-addr u )
    Returns the next argument from the command line.
    Return 0 0 if there not arguments left.